For Record Collectors

Record Collection
This page is for my record collector friends. I have either
played guitar on or arranged/produced the records in my
collection. This record was rehearsed at Harry Balk’s office on
Alexandrine in Detroit in the early 60s. It was recorded at
Specialty Sound on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit.Title:
Gotta Give Her Love
Artist: Volumes

Title: “Crying Over You

Artist: The Kaddo Strings


This record was produced by writer and producer Duke Browner.

Title: Sally Go Round the Roses:

Artist: The Inner

Tommy Good was one the singers on this record. The Kreiner
listed as coproducer is Bob Babbit of The Funk Brothers. Mike
Theodore and I used to go to Tera Shirma after all the musicians
were done playing each night and record.

Title: A Lady’s Man

Artist: The Volcanos

record was recorded at Golden World Studios when Jimmy Bishop
used to come to Detroit.

Title: I’ve Cried My Last Tear

Artist: Bob Santa Maria

This record was recorded at Golden World, arranged by Mike
Theodore and Sonny Sanders and written by John Rhys.

Title: Street of Shame

Artist: Tommy Frontera

This song was recorded at Tera Shirma Studios in Detroit and
written by Mike Theodore. 

Title: I’m Gone

Artist: Vic Gallon

This record was the first session I was hired to do at the age
of 15. I also contracted the other musicians.

Title: Holding Hands

Artist: Clark Summit (Dennis Coffey)

This is the first record I had released as an artist. The record
company gave me the name of Clark Summit because they said no
one with the name Dennis Coffey could have a hit.

Title: Lucky Day

Artist: The Theo-Coff Invasion

This was a record featuring Detroit musicians and written and
arranged by Mike Theodore and me. There was no official group.

Title: Stop! Don’t Worry About It

Artist: Lonette:

Mike Theodore and I first produced Lonette when she was 15.  She
later on became a successful movie star.

Title: Mind Intruder

Artist: Lonette

Title: Land of Nod

Artist: Sunliners (Rare Earth)

This record was produced my Mike Theodore and me in the 60s. The
Sunliners were a top forty cover band and played the same clubs
in Detroit as I did when I was in a top forty cover band. They
later were signed by Motown and became Rare Earth.

Title: Oh Not Me

Artist: Gino Washington

This record was arranged by Mike Theodore and me. I also played
guitar on the session.

Title: Mi Amore

Artist: Mickey Denton

Title: The Beginning of the End

Artist: Little John & Tony

Title: A Letter from Vietnam

Artist: Emanuel Lasky

Special thanks to Graham Finch for additional scans.

Title: Got to Pay the Price

Artist: Al Kent

This record features me playing the melody and probably was
first intended to be a band track.

Title: Dearly Beloved

Artist: Jack Montgomery

This is the first arrangement Mike Theodore and I did as
partners in the early 60s.

Title: Country Girl

Artist: Jimmy Delphs

Title: I’ll Love you Forever

Artist: The Holidays

This was the first string arrangement I wrote. I used students
from the school I was attending, Wayne State University. Funk
Brother, Joe Hunter did the rhythm arrangements.

Title: Why Girl

Artist: The Precisions


Dennis Coffey