January 21st, 2015

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One day I got a telephone call from Gary Graff, a very talented writer. Gary told me he was doing an interview with Kim Thayil of Sound Garden and he happened to mention my name. Kim told Gary he was a fan of mine and invited me and members of my family to attend their concert at DTE in Metro Detroit. I told Gary we would be thrilled to go see them live.
Later that month we went to the concert and were escorted back stage to hang out with Kim and the other members of Sound Garden. We had a blast! Kim told me that hearing my record “Taurus” was the reason he decided to learn guitar. My wife Millie and I and my son James and his girlfriend Katie had excellent seats for the concert. Sound Garden is a super group and has sold 10.5 million records in the US and 22.5 million records worldwide. Kim is also a great guitarist who really adds a nice guitar parts and solos to the band. We enjoyed the concert and were invited backstage again to hang out with Kim and other members of the group until they left on their tour bus for the next show in Toronto. These guys are great musicians and we enjoyed spending time with them backstage.

Kim Thayil of Sound Garden

Dennis Coffey and Kim Thayil

Sound Garden Band

Dennis Coffey and Sound Garden

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Dennis Coffey