May 30th, 2015

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Motown producer and writer Clay McMurray called Mike Theodore and me and asked us to write arrangements for pop psychedelic singer/writer and guitarist Paul Parish. Paul’s songs have been recorded by Helen Reddy, Kenny Rogers, The Dillards, Robin Dransfield, and others. The name of the album was “The Forest of My Mind”. Mike and I agreed to do the project. We decided to use a harpsichord in the rhythm section to add a folk/classical sound to the album. It took us some time to find someone who owned that instrument. We finally found a woman who owned one but her instrument was so rare she had to watch over it during the entire session. A harpsichord is made like a piano but the strings are different and it is plucked instead of hammered. We used some of the Funk Brothers on the session and I also played guitar along with Paul Parrish. We used members of the Detroit Symphony and local horn players on the session too. The album was released on the Music Factory record label. Here are links to some tracks from that album.

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Dennis Coffey