January 13th, 2015

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I met Kid Rock when I was appearing at SXSW in Austin, Texas for the second time. The first time I appeared at SXSW was with The Ponderosa Stomp Event from New Orleans. I was in town to support my new album release on Strut Records a London based record label. A great Detroit band Will Sessions was my road band and a fantastic singer from New York Kendra Morris was my vocalist. Chris Peters one of my managers at the time used to play guitar for Kid Rock and Al Sutton one of the producers of my latest album was Kid’s sound engineer. They both got me invited to a private event hosted by Kid Rock to showcase a country rock singer he was backing called Ty Stone.
When I got to the venue, Kid invited me to sit next to him in the balcony overlooking the stage. He introduced himself and told me he was a fan. I knew about Kid and respected his work and all the things he has done. He is a superstar who always remembers his metro Detroit roots and helps to promote the region. I really like his song “Born Free” in the GM commercial.
The show put on by Ty Stone and his band was great! I spent about an hour sitting next to Kid Rock and watching the show. After the show Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top came in. I said hello and reminded him of the time we played with Les Paul. Billy is another fine guitarist. ABC star Jimmy Kimmel also showed up after the show.

SXSW - South X Southwest

Dennis Coffey and Kid Rock

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