January 10th, 2015

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Stax-Volt singing group

The Dramatics










The first million selling record I played on for the Dramatics was “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get”. Don Davis was the producer and it was released on the Stax-Volt record label. I used my Condor guitar unit on a harpsichord and bass setting to play the low figure and solo in the song. Here is video of The Dramatics singing that song on Soul Train.


The next million selling record I did for The Dramatics was “In the Rain”. I used an Echoplex tape echo to get that cracking-lightning sound on the intro to blend in with the rain drops and thunder. I think that was the first time an Echoplex was used on an R&B record. Here is a video of the Dramatics singing “In the Rain”.

I went to the Stax Records Museum when I played at a benefit at the Gibson guitar factory in Memphis for Katrina victims in New Orleans. I was surprised to see the Dramatics gold records there as part of their display. I speak at the Motown Museum as a Motown Alumni so I was used to seeing records I played on in that museum but not in the Stax Museum. I did play on a Booker T album with the Roots Band called “The Road from Memphis” and always liked the music coming out of Muscle Shoals and Memphis so I guess it does make some sense.


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